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A Horror Comedy

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Logline: A pyschic stand up comedian and her best friend who happens to be a Succubus, try their hand at finding love realizing all their powers can’t help them in this department and they might in fact, suck at love.

Synopsis: Lilith, a publicist to the stars and Succubus, and Ciara, an actress and comedian who happens to possess supernatural abilities, including psychic powers, are trying to navigate life and love in LA while also being Supernatural entities. They go on a mission to find love leaving carnage of comedy and blood shed in their wake. Will they find the one or will they indeed find out they suck.


Anastasia Washington

Producer | Writer | Role of Ciara

Anastasia Washington is an award winning bi racial actress comedian podcaster and filmmaker. She has had long legacy of genre based films from the Addams Family films to her current works . You can see her work on Shudder, Troma, and more. And featured at fests like Screamfest, Midsummer Scream, and San Diego Comic Con to name a few.

Jessica Moore.JPG

Jessica Moore

Producer | Role of Lilith

Jessica Moore is an actor, content creator, and stylist. She has turned her passion for style and travel into a personal brand, Miss Moore Style, with an audience of over 160k, and recently has produced and starred in two feature films, one of which is set to premiere at the upcoming Screamfest in Los Angeles.


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